• Seller guarantees at La Ceiba a minimum supply rate of 12,000 mt per WWD SHINC ex berth.
  • Vessel to operate all cranes simultaneously in shift of 24 consecutive hours, any time lost due to breakdown of cranes/or grabs not to be counted as laytime. Time to count on a pro/rata basis on the number of cranes and/or grabs working at the time of the breakdown.
  • Air draft for Maracaibo bridge 42 meters
  • Buyer/Charterers to satisfy themselves of draft and other port restrictions and ship agent to provide Buyer/Charterers with such info.
  • Buyer guarantees that vessel is not older than 25 years and has all valid class high at Lloyd A1 or its equivalent permits, insurances in place. Vessel Owners/Operators to guarantee maintaining class and insurance during the performance of this voyage. Vessels nominated by Buyer/Charterers under this contract must be geared with a minimum of 3 cranes for min 20 mt swl, shall be single deck, grain fitted, self trimming bulk carrier, suitable for the cargo.
  • Buyer/Charterers shall give to Seller a vessel nomination, including full particulars with at least 15 days in advance of first day of laycan with possibility to change nominated vessel 5 days prior to laycan. If Seller/Shipper has any objections with the nominated vessels, he must declare so in writing in the  24 hours after receiving  the nomination.
  • Buyer/Owners/Master or his agent shall give to Seller or his agent, if practically possible to give  7 days approximate notice of arrival, and 3, 2, and 1 day’s definite notice of arrival to load. Such notices to be given in writing by fax /telex/or e-mail.
  • At load port, Notice of Readiness (NOR) to be tendered any time day or night Sundays and Holidays included except super holidays Christmas Day (Dec 25th), New Years Day (Jan 1st) and July 5 at La Ceiba port, or their designated waiting anchorages as ordered by the port authorities when vessel is in all respects  ready to load. Super holidays shall commence 12 hours prior to the midnight start of the particular 24-hour day that is the date of a Super holiday and shall end 12 hours after the midnight that is the end of the particular 24-hour day that is the date of the Super holiday. If the load berth is occupied, then NOR to be tendered any time day or night Sunday and holidays included, whether in berth or not, whether free practice or not, whether in port or not, whether custom cleared or not, whether holds had cleared inspection or not and time to count 12 hours thereafter unless sooner commenced. The vessel will only be allowed to tender NOR when at La Ceiba, or designated anchorage (when vessel drops anchor) as ordered by port authorities and any inward journey time from anchorage or from designated by the port authorities area or pilot station is not to count as laytime.
  • Vessel to comply with BIMCO ISM Code and ISPS regulations.
  • Buyer guarantees intended vessel suitable for self load operations with own gear, grabs, and personnel, however Buyer has the option of hiring shore labor and grabs to work with vessels gear at their own risk/expense.
  • Owners warrant that the vessel will comply with all published port regulations for loading. Any delay caused due to the non-observance of port regulations will be for Buyer’s/Owners’ expense.
  • Should vessel fail Hold Cleanliness inspection, all time from failing inspection until vessel approval for Hold Cleanliness is not to count as laytime, and all cost of cleaning to be for Buyer’s/Owners’ account.
  • Agents at loading port to be nominated by Buyer/Charterers, and all ships expenses to be for Owner’s / Buyer’s account and responsibility.
  • Trimming out of vessel holds to be arranged and paid by Buyer/Owners account.
  • Shifting from designated anchorage to berth/load or anchorage not to count as laytime.
  • Time for intermediate draft checks if required by shipper/Seller to count as laytime, if required by the master/vessel not to count as laytime. Time for initial and final draft survey not to count as laytime.
  • Master or ship-agents on his behalf shall sign and release Bill(s) of Lading marked “Freight payable as per Charter Party” immediately after completion of loading. B/L’s always to be in accordance with the mates receipt.”
  • The lay-time will be calculated according to the Statement of Facts signed by the master or by the ship-agents at the port of loading and basis the Bill of Lading quantity.
  • Any damage by stevedores shall be settled directly between Owner and stevedores.
  • Demurrage arisen from insufficient available supply of cargo to be paid by Seller as per the charter party, with Free Dispatch and other conditions as per applicable Americanized Welsh Coal Charter New York 1953 Amended 1979.

All other AMWELSH charter-party terms and conditions, which are not covered hereunder, are deemed to be considered as fully incorporated in this contract.

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